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Residential Holiday Lighting

How it Works

Birchwood Holiday Lighting provides and installs professional-grade holiday lights, ensuring you won’t be digging through old bins of mix-matched lights ever again. From custom design to storage, we are your complete holiday lighting company.




 Step 1:     Design

Our professional designers will come to your home and explain each phase of the process. Our digital software will allow you visualize what your house will look like prior to installation so we can ensure accuracy in brining your ideas to life. 


Step 2:      Installation

We will provide commercial grade lights and install them for you so that they look exactly how you imagined them. We also provide timers so that your lights come on automatically each night.

Step 3:      Removal & Storage

After the holiday season is over, we will take down your lights in early January. If you wish to keep your display up longer, just let us know and we can schedule a later takedown date that works for you.


Next we will store your lights in our secure storage facility and will check them periodically throughout the year to make sure they are in great condition for the next holiday season. Allowing us to store your lights will help to leave your basement or attic clutter free throughout the entire year.

Maintenance During the Holiday

Throughout the holiday season we will also maintain your lights so that they are working for you and your family.  Should you ever notice that there is a problem with your lights during the holiday season, for any reason at all, please give us a call and we will happily come out to your house to fix the problem right away. (301) 990-6315.

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